Making the best decision for you and your dog

We have researched and found what we think is the best food option for our puppies. They are currently eating Nature’s Select High Protein three times per day in mush form. When they come home, they will be eating kibble and will come home with a 5lb bag. We suggest you order a large bag to have on hand of the Select High Protein. Once you finish the 30lb bag, we suggest you move to one of the other all life stages recipes. The wonderful thing about Nature’s Select, they have a nutritionist on staff and will work with you to choose the correct food. The food is reasonably priced and has FREE DELIVERY. Below is some general information about the food. We suggest you do NOT feed grain free, unless your vet recommends it. Nature’s Select has given us a coupon code to share with you for your first order. They will apply it when you call in to order if you let them know you are with Golden Fields Doodles – use code “GFD.”

Nature’s Select Pet Food has been in business for 27 years. Our pet food plant is AAFCO certified and ranked among the highest in the industry. We were all natural, holistic dog food before it was “cool”! Our dog food is MADE IN TEXAS! Our food is made and delivered to our air conditioned warehouse monthly so it is some of the freshest pet food available. 80% of the ingredients in our pet food recipes comes from 100 miles of the plant, the fish comes from Alaska and the lamb comes from New Zealand. Our pet food recipes are FDA certified. You can mix or switch between our pet food recipes. We offer pet food recipes are for all life stages, so you can feed your pet our food from puppyhood through his/her senior days. Our food has pre-biotics and pro-biotics which are added after the flash cook, thus are live cultures. We offer free home delivery. Let us know where to put your food and we will do it for you!

You can order food from Nature’s Select Pet Food from the link listed below.

Call: (936)597-5897