Golden Fields Guardian Program

Want to work with us?

In order for Golden Fields Doodles to offer our dogs the highest quality of life while in our breeding program, we have set up a guardian partnership with local families. As a guardian home, you will receive a puppy/dog free of charge that you will keep as part of your family for the life of the dog and I will retain breeding rights specified in our guardianship contract. Each contact is created case by case and typically includes 2-4 years for our female dogs, and 4-5 years for our male dogs, once they hit sexual maturity.

Guardian families are responsible for the well being and maintenance of the dog. This includes but is not limited to annual exams, vaccines, food, toys, etc. Basically, the essentials of owning any dog. Golden Fields Doodles will pay for breeding related expenses as well as provide genetic health testing, which we require before any of our dogs are bred. Once all testing is completed and passed we will add the dog to our program. We will decide when and to who the dog is bred to. For breeding, I typically pick up the female to be bred and return her home within the same day. She will then remain with you at your home until approximately one week before she is due to whelp. She will then stay with me at my home to whelp her puppies and raise them. During this time you are welcome to come visit your dog.  Once the puppies are weaned she will be returned to you.

I do provide our guardian families with a monetary gift per litter of puppies their female produces, if you have one of our male guardian dogs this does not apply. Once your dog has completed the set amount of litters within the agreement, we then pay to have your dog spayed/neutered and he/she will go home with you to continue to enjoy his/her life.

We understand that this program is not for everyone, however, if this is something you may be interested in and you live within an hour of Spring, TX, please feel free to fill out the Guardian Application.